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( Feb. 13th, 2010 02:24 am)

Banner thanks to [livejournal.com profile] heartdivide 

I started this little guy back in January of 2004. Sadly, now that I'm pretty much a grown up, I realize that this has to be a VIP sort of deal.

So, from now on, Friends Only. Maybe we can grow to be best friends. We'll skip in the parks and talk about our hopes and dreams! Until then, enjoy your LJing experience!

I know you're a bit young, but what the heck!  I got you that car you keep googling. 

But if you come home in this one...

you're totally grounded.

Happy birthday!
Dear LJ,

Happy fifth birthday! Sorry I'm a few hours late.

Here's that clip art bike you've been asking for.

Thank you for being there for so much of my adolescence.

Also, thank you for having the same birthday as Mike Ghizzoni so I'll never forget when your birthday is coming up as well. Uh...not that you're not important. I love you. A lot.


P.S. Here are some clip art flowers to apologize for that little misunderstanding.



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